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Nubian Pyramids IWelcome to Ancient Nubian Cities.com, home of the Nubian Archaeological Project.

The Nubian Archaeological Project is led by Nubia Wardford.

Ancient Nubia, in modern Sudan, is the area where many of the foundations of civilization were developed. There has been very little excavation and study of this area and now the area is in danger of being totally destroyed by flooding as a result of the construction onubamapf dams. The project has now become an emergency recovery effort, as well as a salvation project. The remaining archaeological sites are now the focus of many archaeological research teams from around the world. The newest archaeological hot spot is Ancient Nubia.

Wardford is truly dedicated to research and recovery of information pertaining to the details of the lives, events and contributions of Ancient Nubia and looks forward to ongoing future archaeological work in Sudan. This effort is directed toward research  that will add to the pages of World History as well as  potentially, fill some of the gaps in the chronology of Pre-Historic and Ancient Africa. The reclamation and recovery of our history is an arduous and necessary task that will educate and enlighten us now and in the future.